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Marital History -Marriage records are an extremely valuable resource for genealogists as it may tie together two of your direct ancestors, and unlocking a new branch in the family tree. These records can allow you to access valuable information such as full names of the bride and groom, wife's maiden name, marriage location, date and witness names.

Marriage Records

Marriage Records Retrievable for Public Use


Public marriage records are never different from the other legal records even in the past. The laws applied to the other vital documents are also applied to these marriage reports. An implemented law mandates all the states in America to keep up these particular records for a number of reasons. One thing is sure, the documents are officially documented and they are retrievable as long as the grounds for making the requests are legitimate. Historically, several States began compiling these reports from the 1930s up to present, which gives the public higher chances of collecting the information they want.

Legally speaking, both spouses actually have two official records after they got married. A marriage license which gives them the permit to marry and a marriage certificate which comes after an authorized official conducted the ceremony. The wedding could be both presided in the church or in the state by a judge or a licensed official. Both documents then go to a centralized database which gathers all the marriage information for documentation purposes. The Department of Public Health maintains these legal reports for whatever legitimate purposes.

The Freedom of Information Act regulates over these valuable legitimate documents. Furthermore, officials are really serious in keeping all these marriage documents. As a matter of fact, they have formed an agency to keep track on the marriage statistics. By doing so, the state will be able to check the number of marriages that occurred. The statistics can also be used when a requesting party roots for it to gather information about his or her ancestors. In other words, it would be a great resource for genealogical research purposes.

Legal Aid

Each State does have a systematic approach in handling the public records report. It was difficult for those in the remote areas to get access to such records before because of the distance reason. But today, it is no longer a big hurdle since all the counties from the respective states are now accommodating applications on marriage documents. The steps are simply convenient to take. You only have to present a valid identification and other pertinent documents which support your quest to unveil the data on marriage. More importantly, your reason for retrieving the reports must come with a legal consent from the court if you are to make a request of the record that is not yours.

All the forwarded applications would need a corresponding fee depending on how much details you wanted to get. More so, the cost is reasonable enough since the records are for public consumption in the first place. Normally, the turnaround time would be less than two weeks upon the receipt of the application since they process it manually. On the other hand, with the technological advancement today, searching for vital records are now made paperless. This means that marriage records can now be obtained via a computer with the help of the Internet. It saves a lot of time and it is totally hassle-free. You only have to hit a few clicks to retrieve the information in no time.

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